Tavistock Development Company’s
Philosophy + Experience

Through research and our experience, Tavistock Development Company has one core belief for creating responsible, successful communities: Great places attract great people. Great people create great communities. Great communities attract great companies. Great companies create great economies. Great economies attract more great people…and this virtuous cycle continues.


Great places attract great people. 

When you think of the “great places” in the United States, typically there is some type of natural element that existed long before anyone showed up to build a house or start a company. A core respect for the natural environment, and a heritage of conscientious development, has driven the growth of great cities throughout our country. From coastal port cities or river towns, to our own great Florida places built along breathtaking chains of never-ending lakes, nature takes the lead role in creating a great place.

It is our belief that the number one asset Sunbridge has to offer is its natural Florida beauty. It is our job, as stewards of the land, to utilize the natural elements to create opportunities for residents and visitors alike to engage with nature. Our charter states that our goal is to “perfect the connection between people and nature,” and we are working with leaders in land-use, recreation, conservation, preservation and the environment to build a community where residents engage with nature in their everyday lives. Fencing off nature as a form of preservation is not our goal; we believe you must preserve nature and provide thoughtful opportunities for people to experience it. 

Our hope is that we create a community where nature is not merely a place you visit on the weekends, but surroundings you learn from and engage with every day. It is part of the fabric of the community, helping people live happier, healthier lives. It is our goal to create a place where kids return to playing outside because their own neighborhood park is just as interesting and fun as the latest video game. 

We will protect the natural resources that make Sunbridge unique. We will work to find unique ways to connect people with nature. We will integrate nature into the community so our residents will live healthier, happier lives.


Great People Create Great Communities.

We believe that by creating a place that challenges the standard of development, that pushes the envelope of bringing nature into our community, we can attract great people. Great people want to be part of communities with a purpose, somewhere to live that is not just a place to exist. People want a place where they engage, where they are part of something bigger, a place where they know that by living there and taking part they will be a little happier, a little healthier, and a little more fulfilled. 

These same people seek diversity. They expect to live in a community where they pass the young family out in the park throwing the ball after school, they run into their company’s CEO at the farmer’s market, where they see the empty-nesters riding bicycles on the trail, or the young professional out for a jog. They want a community where all of these people, all demographics, all socio-economics, are thriving together. 

These are people who expect to see neighborhoods reflecting the character of the people who live there. Neighborhoods for the same young family who wants a big yard for their kids, the CEO who likes the idea of live/work/play, the empty-nesters who downsized to a new townhome, or the young professional who just rented her first apartment. Great communities must offer these great people the homes they want and need for every stage of their life, allowing them to put down “roots” to grow their families and build their legacy and in-turn, build a great community.



Great Communities Attract Great Companies.

Our goal of perfecting the connection between people and nature does not stop with our residents. We are aggressively pursuing a strategy for attracting companies that are focused on this same mission. We want to appeal to companies that have a vested interest in nature, the environment, wellness and activity so that Sunbridge can be seen as the example for smart, responsible companies that want to exemplify that philosophy…to prove that you can do good and do well at the same time.  

One of the primary drivers for corporate relocations is accessibility to a qualified workforce. Companies must have access to people who know their industry, believe in their mission and want to work at their company to succeed. Having an engaged, capable, educated and trained workforce is key to the creation of any great community and paramount to attracting great companies. We believe that by creating a unique community that focuses not only on the connection between people and nature, but also on how we can use that connection to improve health, wellness and happiness, we will attract the great people that these companies need.


Great Companies Create Great Economies. 

In our minds a great economy is not only defined by number of jobs or total investment, it is also defined by what those jobs are and why that investment was made. Our goal is to attract companies that choose to relocate their business or open a new office not simply because the tax structure was attractive or they were incentivized to do so, but rather because they want to be part of something. We want companies who want to be part of that same “something” that attracted our residents, our great people. 

We believe that a great economy is one where companies reinvest in the community mission, where residents share in the excitement of a start-up landing its first big contract, where companies engage students in new and unique ways to create the workforce of the 21st century. The same way great people create great communities, we believe that a strong economy ensures a strong, sustainable community.