Begin with the end in mind… Create a great community with great people and a great economy.


Great places attract great people.

Sunbridge is a great place.

Its natural Florida assets and beauty are the core asset for creating a place where people connect with nature in unique ways, to improve their health, wellness and happiness. We will protect those assets and challenge the standard of development to encourage engagement. 

The geographic location of Sunbridge creates opportunities that are unattainable for many communities. Proximity to Orlando International Airport, Port Canaveral, Lake Nona, University of Central Florida and the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research, position it to become a true regional economic driver. 


Great People Create Great Communities.

Great people will live here.

By creating a community with a purpose, focused on engagement and designed to create happier, healthier lives, people will want to be part of Sunbridge. Sunbridge will be a community where live/work/play take on a new form and being connected to your community and to nature that impacts your life. 

Creating a diverse product set that provides people at all stages of life a place to feel at home will make Sunbridge a thriving community. Having a place for people to establish roots, a place where they know they can build a legacy over 30 years, is what will make Sunbridge a successful community.


Great companies will take part in Sunbridge.

By attracting a diverse set of great people, Sunbridge will build an engaged, capable, educated and trained workforce that will attract great companies. 

We will work hard to attract companies that are focused on our mission and believe they will take action. By focusing not only on the connection between people and nature, but also on how we can use that connection to improve health, wellness and happiness, Sunbridge will differentiate itself with great companies looking for a new home. Tavistock will put the full force of its economic development engine behind every aspect of Sunbridge. It is our goal to find, attract and land great companies to help build a great community.



Sunbridge will be a major regional economic driver. 

Sunbridge is a great place because of its natural characteristics and its physical location. It will attract great people who believe in living a more engaged, healthier, happier life. Those people will create a great community that fosters engagement and innovation. The place and people of Sunbridge will attract great companies. This is why Sunbridge will create a great economy.