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Phase I Program


Phase 1
Special Features


The Foundation for Connecting to Nature

Phase One of Sunbridge will challenge the standard of development, by exploring new, effective ways to connect people and nature. This development will be the foundation for an interconnected outdoor trail system, with access to community parks, large-scale farms and untouched Florida wilderness across all of Sunbridge. 

This area will explore how the seamless and harmonious connection between the community and nature can encourage an active, engaged and healthy population. At Sunbridge we believe nature is not only for visiting on the weekends, but something to learn from and connect with every day.


A New Model for Food

At the crossroads of Innovation Way South and the Sunbridge north/south connector lies the beginning of an innovative, pace-setting model for a local, sustainable food program. This core will be developed as a catalyst for a new community, one focused on healthy and active living with access to a fresh, locally grown and sustainable food supply. The preserved farmlands, community gardens and focus on new growing techniques will be replicated throughout Sunbridge. Residents will have multiple access points to locally grown food, making healthy food convenient too.